Aquarium Design

From your blueprints or our designs, Northern-Aqua will create a beautiful self-contained aquatic system.


It takes time for aquariums to mature and evolve, but we pour passion and expertise into our custom aquarium design work. We will think about every eventuallity with great detail.


When we design a custom aquarium, we look at the whole picture. We consider the style of home or office and create an aquarium that belongs there. But it’s more than just an aquarium, it’s a living work of art, and it should complement its surroundings. 


Our design work goes beyond building a technically superb aquarium. Northern-Aqua can source your livestock from reliable and ethical sources aswell as maintain your aquarium. 


Looking through our website will give you a some indication of the beautiful work we can do.

Northern-Aqua use quality tank builders from across the UK, that are reliable and only use quality materials.


Depending on your specification we will use the tank builder that uses the materials most suited to your build.


Cabinets can be supplied and built by joiners we work with. These will have full ventilation and supported/protected seams.


The joiners we work with can also supply supporitng frames for wall dividing and tanks and any support structure needed or the ability to make the tank fit seemlessly into your room.


Tank framing and hoods can also be made to measure.


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