Northern-Aqua can take you through all the steps required to design and build your aquarium. The company works with commercial and private clients alike.


The indepth knowledge that our team possess enables us to anticipate any issues that may arise during a build/install, we will create the habitat best suited to your livestock and make it asthetically pleasing.


Northern-Aqua has experience in a vast array of aquarium design. As hobbiests themselves and professionals in the aquatics trade they have encountered fish species from across the globe, both fresh and marine waters. Recent projects have included Discuss, Reef, Goldfish, Tropical Community, Rift Valley Cichlid aquariums to name just a few. 

Past Project

Below is one of our recently finished projects it is a marine fish-only system with artificial coral and live rock. This was designed to the customers specification and we continue to work closely with him on maintenance and water quality enquiries.

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